Barbie on the Issues

Together, let’s get things done. It’s time for the City Council to quit talking and start doing. I have deep roots in Eugene and your issues are my issues.

Public Safety

A top priority. I am endorsed by and stand with our first responders who are the front lines of crime & behavioral health. Now is the time for Policy Making that Makes Movements for the safety in our neighborhoods, parks, schools and local businesses. 

Homelessness and Unhoused

I support meeting people where they are. Utilizing existing budgets toward programs and partnerships is how we progress towards that. In supporting our builders who have proven to make measurable movements in providing access to stable housing, shelter is essential.


I support transparency in all alternative transportation projects. It is important to have clean checks and balances on tax payer funded budgets. Oversight is practical to ensure common sense alternative transportation and routes. 

Equitable Energy

In response to a warming climate by enacting a culture of climate resilience we must not leave the most vulnerable underserved or our established small business unrepresented. Reducing energy consumption with incentives, education and public right to vote is responsible representation 

Economic Prosperity

We must prioritize being a city that is in tune with being attractive to businesses. Businesses that will provide a steady economy for those that work, live, play, raise families and retire here. Empowering people with healthy jobs creates healthy communities and culture.

Public Spaces

Public spaces are for everyone to enjoy. Ward 7 houses an abundance of greenery and biodiversity, and we cannot lose sight of the importance of having these spaces preserved for all for years to come.